Australia and Africa to work together on plant biosecurity - ‘change champions’ on the way

A cadre of ‘change champions’ are to be trained to improve plant biosecurity in ten east and southern African countries.

The Australia-Africa Plant Biosecurity Partnership held a workshop on 27-28 October in Nairobi that has pinpointed key areas where Australian expertise can strengthen African biosecurity.

Read more in a PBCRC media release.

What’s in a name? Everything - if you’re a fruit fly

A global research effort has finally resolved a major biosecurity issue: four of the world’s most destructive agricultural pests are actually one and the same.

For twenty years some of the world’s most damaging pest fruit flies have been almost impossible to distinguish from each other. The ability to identify pests is central to quarantine, trade, pest management and basic research.

Read more in a PBCRC media release.


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